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Hey guys and girls, a slight rant or waffle if you will.

I start my days waking up and eating breakfast, showering and brushing my teeth, grooming and putting on products to make me smell nice, get dressed and then that is where your day and mine split. You go to work, I sit at home and switch on the computer. I load up the 15 or so sites for job hunting and I think of new and interesting ways to fill in application forms.

This is my second month of doing this now and I can honestly say that I have come very close to being homeless as I have accidentally spent more money on travel that I was meant to, that is if I have any money in the first place for travel. “Ummm the job center pay for travel you dickhead!” – Thank you random person that will no doubt not read my whole post but comment anyway. Yes they will pay for it, unless you cannot provide proof, or they don’t feel like it or they are having a bad day or they don’t remember to put it through the damn system. To put this into context I have the following make up this month;

£30 over draft, £25 phone bill, £323 rent.

Incoming is £134 twice in a month and £158 once.

dolestreet_1713190cSo take away that from that and you get £49. I have also rounded things up to make it easier. Now £49 for a month of food, toiletries, travel, any new items I should require, for instance new shoes for interviews, shirts, ties, you get the idea. In a world where a loaf of bread can be over £1 to buy I find myself on a diet primarily made up of pasta and something tinned, a diet that makes my body feel lack luster and dull. A body need fresh fruit and veg to function at it’s highest and it is RIGHT NOW I need to be on my “A” game. I’m all up for reducing money from not working, think it’s a good idea but they need to balance it a little. The money situation is now hindering me finding work, which in turn will probably mean I have to sponge off the state for longer, so the reduction in out of work income, in my instance, is useless as I will be taking from the state about as much as I would have been before the changes but now just over a longer time.

There are 100 jobs and 1000 people for each one looking down this way at the moment. Not so much Cardiff but Newport and Bridgend are both doing badly and they are either side of Cardiff and the competition is eminence. Cardiff is become saturated as is Bristol. I am having to look further a field to find work, which is fine, however when you consider that the closest city to me is Cardiff and is around a 8-15 mins train ride away and costs around £6 to get to and back from every single time I want to go there, it kinda makes a longer trip to a further away location either impossible or a toss up between food buying and an interview.

Ok. I get that “As of Q1 2013 UK government debt amounted to £1,377 billion, or 88.1% of total GDP” and that is bad. But you can’t make money, or in this instance get people back to work by simply making people poor. It makes it harder.Nillionaire someone having little to no money

Plus they made the changes for money in one go. so instead of gradually doing it over a year or 6 months so people flowed into work, they said HEY, 3 million people you won’t have enough money to live on unless you find work from……..

NOW GO GO GO. What the fuck did they expect?

My final ranty bit has to do with an E-mail I got yesterday from Mc Donalds. It was an email saying that I was unsuccessful in my attempt to work at one of their stores. I have a feeling it is to do with my age as the application form is not particularly taxing, with multi-choice answers for questions being presented, most of which are something along the lines of;

If an employee said something that offended you, would you, A) Beat the shit out of them. B) Put their face in the fry station or C) try and talk to them or your manager and see if something can be sorted out.

I feel that being in my 30’s now and looking for any type of job does have it’s downsides. I have traveled the world with the British Armed Forces, I’ve been back packing across Europe I’ve lived in Paris, I’ve been called all the names under the sun and I have made my mistakes. So as an employer you can expect someone of my age and up to call bullshit out. If something is wrong we will bring it up, bring it up in a polite and proper way, be that going to the manager to tell them of a leak or asking someone not to repeat something again as it is not appropriate for work etc etc. There lies the problem, they don’t want that, managers don’t want more work, they would rather employ an 18 year old who knows nothing of their rights, nothing of what is really right and wrong and will simply walk away if fired for no reason. I and many others of my “age bracket” and above simply could not and would not tolerate that.

6-things-to-consider-when-you-have-to-cut-back120412_0So to sumerise I feel that I am being put into a tared group of people that does not want to work, I want to work and I actively do everything in my power to do so, but in reality I have to pick and choose which interviews I go to some days, or ring them up and try and change the date and time to a day I am already in that city, mostly this results in me no longer being offered the interview as I am already kicking up a fuss about something that should be easy to do, a view that is sensible and reasonable but yet is something that is sometimes out of my reach to accomplish. Why employ someone when they can’t even travel 15 mins down the road on a given day? Will that person even be able to make it to work for the first month of employment? How reliable is this person if he/she cannot even commit to a simple interview without wanting to change the date and/or time.

I fully expect to not have that bottle of wine in the fridge, to eat cheaper food and to commit my days to filling in forms but when the current infrastructure put in place by the government hinders that, I can only see a prolonged usage of benefits. This money could well be spent on other things in our country, if not in employment or growth but in education, the NHS, maybe even employing someone with the balls to tell the US, “You know what? we are not joining you in this war, costs too much for no return”.

Anyway rant over of a very annoyed and increasingly stressed Phil.



1347326484043_2349781Welcome to my little ranty world. Today’s subject is a little education for when you have been let down by a company or feel you are entitled to more, or are simply being an asshole for no reason and think it is ok to take it out on a companies staff…….

Well are you wrong!

Now I have been and still am working in inside a call centre, taking calls for a multi national company that in the UK produces and supplies energy and covers peoples boilers, plumbing and drains, electrical wiring, central heating systems and also emergency service cover as standard.

9781137293251_largeNow it does not matter what industry you work in, you will not get any bloody where by being a complete twat!  You know why you’re so angry all the time? Why you feel so disappointed by company after company and why no one seems to understand your poor little life? I’ll tell you why…. because you piss off every last person you talk to in business, from the poor little waitress that you shout at because there is no spoon for your coffee, to the flight attendant you ridicule because they forgot your pillow.  Your reactions, your attitude is the reason they forgot to give you the service others get, your stinking, shitty attitude is the reason why you won’t get the compensation you are so sure you’re  owed! Your attitude is why the customer service agent does not seem to give a shit about you, your reactions and your actions are the reason why we simply don’t care as much about you as the polite people.  It’s rather simple, so why can you not grasp such a simple concept?


Oh, and get me the boss, WHY? Is the boss going to bring his master computer over and make your life a better place? Has he/she instructed me to tell you lies until you pass all my well hidden tests and then you’re allowed to the special slots now made available by the bosses computer.  It’s a gold laptop that links directly with god to deliver you with the best service possible, oh, yes the boss can call upon the the Fucking Avengers and bring you the service you require right this minute rather than the tomorrow appointment I have already given you!

BOSSES KNOW LESS ABOUT THE SYSTEMS THAN THE AGENT DOES! Trust me ALL the boss is there to do is bug the agent about ACW (After call work) time, sort out problems with pay, book our holiday and tell us the sales targets went up another 2%. THAT’S IT.

“I know the CEO of [for arguments sake] Sony, see what he/she has to say”

Oh really mister customer, REALLY?!  So your download is not working and you will pick up the phone to the CEO, a person probably over the other side of the world, possibly speaking to world leaders, possibly in a meeting to secure a multi billion pound deal with several countries, and THEY ARE GOING TO STEP OUT TO MAKE SURE YOUR PESKY LITTLE PROBLEM IS SORTED? Good luck with that.  How can you be that thick? How has your life continued to be with a mind so dull?

Don’t even get me started on you morons that state you’re going to the press…. please, be my guest. Oh before you do, that welcome pack with all the T&C in, the one you ASSURED us you had read by agreeing to {insert product here}, yeah, perhaps you want to read it!  You know that there are editors for a reason, right?! You honestly think we are that thick that throwing out a newspapers name or dropping in that you work for the BBC is anyway shape or form going to help you when I have already told you 4 different ways that the next appointment is MONDAY!

“It’s retired Major Jenkins actually”

i_have_a_phd_in_horribleness_-_dr_horrible_vinyl_decal_9ecd4a17Fuck off! Your name is Mr Jenkins, you’re retired now, you hold the rank of ‘Get in line and wait with the rest of the population’.  That also goes for you DR Whatever s out there……… Why the hell would you think I would give a flying that you’re a doctor. Plus you know I have no idea of what you’re actually a doctor of, right? This show of bullshit only reinforces the belief that you’re a complete cock.

Plus if you really want to piss ME off why not just lie, what not tell me THAT YOUR CHILD IS AT RISK only for me to check up the next day and find the engineer got there, found NO CHILD, NO ELDERLY, NO ONE VULNERABLE at all, told you that you were scum (wishful thinking), turned off the water supply/gas supply to make it safe then left you in the shitty position that you deserve while they went off to an actual emergency down the road with a real 2 day old kid without heating, you rotten, scummy, worthless human beings!

The people I speak of above just a few in the vast majority of people that are polite, reasonable and kind, and for that I am hugely grateful. Always remember that the services person, man, woman transsexual, gay, straight, black, white, purple with yellow dots, they are all humans, they are all trying their best.  Now if you are the angry type let it be known that all of us polite folk have a far better life, we are generally treated as we treat others, so please continue to wail, to moan, to frail your arms in the air and shout, so that all can hear, please continue your shitty ways and enjoy your food with spit in, enjoy your pillow that been wiped on a dogs arse, enjoy your second class experiences and enjoy missing out on all the extras the polite, decent and happy people enjoy. By simply rising an issue in a calm, polite manner you will always get a better

So here we are again, another week over and another blog post being written and now read 🙂  Such a strange thing time, it is always the same, always constant however can seem to move at drastically different speeds, for instance the week leading up to me starting my new job seemed longer than the TWO weeks I have just completed by a mile. How the mind plays tricks on you.

So work, training for two weeks, what a roller-coaster of fun fuelled learning and fun, we have been 19 strong and have gel as a team wonderfully. Everyone of us seems to be energised by the next and our banter, well it bounces around all of us until there is not one dry eye in the room, amazingly good, fun, intelligent and genuine people who I am very happy to say I consider my friends 🙂  Games that include 10 push-ups for saying the word M.I.N.E, a triangle of death that gets put over drinks that then have to be downed and a few other games have thrived within our community and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of our training.

Now unfortunately I cannot go into too much detail about my jobs ins and outs as I do deal with hundreds of personal details of people from around the country every single day, hence I cannot say what systems we use, how it works, what security there is etc etc so apart from being vague I can tell you that if you ring up to purchase something from Littlewoods, Isme, Very or K&Co you now have the chance to talk to me 🙂 Also my job title is Personal Shopper, hehehe love it when companies beef up your title to make it sound far more important and high up 🙂

Anyway how am I feeling about this new fork in my life? Well for one thing I know how I feel about people asking themselves questions and then answering them, bloody hate it and can’t believe I just did it! Idiot Phill!  So no, I digress, I feel nervous as one might expect but also so looking forward to the change. I am not sure anyone here will know what it is like to be a prisoner in your own life, to be constantly reminded that you are accomplishing nothing in your life everyday, every time you open the fridge and there is no food, every time you read on FB or Twitter how that dinner out last Thursday that you were not invited to was awesome, how great that film was, while you sit in an empty house literally talking to yourself, laughing at your own jokes and telling yourself off whenever you feel a little down, well that is slowly coming to an end. In six days time I get my first pay check and admittedly I have a lot of debt and backed up bills to cover from it but I will have a cash flow, a chance to socialise a chance to live again amongst the people of this world, a chance to finally start a fresh.

This feeling of liberation is so overwhelming that I find myself taking a step back and pinching myself to make sure I am not having a horribly twisted and cruel dream. To most a pop down to the local restaurant or cinema is nothing, something you do on a whim, not I, for the last 19 months I have been NO WHERE at all and so from that I hope you can glean just a slight glimpse of how important this new job and this new life is to me. I run at this job with open arms, a smile on my face and beside me are these fantastic new friends I have made along my journey.   Thanks go out to everyone that didn’t give up, everyone that is still around me to this day Cheers guys couldn’t do it without ya all 🙂

As a side note thank you to my good friend Franki who helped out with a little money so I can continue to eat this week until payday 🙂 Comes to something when a relationship from the past comes and lends the helping hand to plug the gap the job centre leaves in its wake of  bureaucratic red tape bullshit!

Hello one and all to another instalment of my blog. Today I bring you a little closer to the absurd way the unemployed are treated in this country and how little seems to have been done to solve the problems of this country.

I am unemployed and have been since March 2011. Now I have had to wait over a year and a half to be put on a course to help me find a job! I am willing to work, actively look for work and am now in a situation where I simply must work or I will physically wither and die. I have one major problem however, I don’t pass a police check or a credit check and it seems to be the norm for employers to do these days. I presume that employers have so many job applications that looking through every single CV is simply something they don’t have time, or inclination to do, what better way then to do a quick check on anyone that passes the ‘CV in bin process’ than a quick efficient police check.

So getting back to the problems in the system as I see them, I have had no help to deal with this, no one seems to be able to give me a sensible answer, and in some cases unable to give an answer at all, simply avoiding the situation completely or simply ignoring my pleas for assistance, for help. No courses have been offered to me, no help with a CV from a professional, no advice from anyone in the know yet I spend hours of my life in the job centre in signing on meetings and reviews where nothing is done to help. People sitting behind a desk asking you if you have applied for jobs and telling you to send in a CV don’t help that much!

As a matter of fact I have been doing a little experiment of my own with the job centre to find out how much they actually look into an Individual case. I first started by sending in a word document which contained only the words, “This is not my CV, this is to prove you don’t even look at these at all” .The point was made two weeks later when they asked if I had sent in my CV to which I replied “Yes”, the lady then proceeded to look up my file, look at the document file named {NI Number} Phill’s CV and then thank me for being so prompt in sending it in! Later the same day I sent in my proper CV and asked them to delete my previous one, its true purpose still a mystery to them!

Another case of how much it really does not seem to matter what you do with regards to signing on and job searching is the daily log book that you’re obliged to fill in. The sections are titled, What I did, date, What Happened, What I will do Next, Date. Now on every third “What Will I do Next” section of this book I wrote a section of a story, so for example part one would be, “Went to the park”, three down from that, “Found a tree and build a swing” so on and so forth, this was met with no reaction from the staff, so I though that maybe it was not bold enough or simply lost in the wall of text that the book changes into. I then decided to make the writing silly and childish to see if they were actually reading it, “Blow up”, “Kick a baby”, “Prey to the god of money” and “Burst into flames” were just some of the comments I put down, alas not one was read, not one was commented on and in many cases signatures of the job centre workers can be seen next to such comments proving that they neither read nor care about reading this book, the very book that has been put into place to ensure you’re looking for work! The whole system is pathetic?

Now rather than just moan about this and leave it as that, I would like to suggest things for change, simple things that would not cost the tax payer anymore than is spent now but would at least ensure that more people were helped back to work more than they are now.

1) The first time you go to sign on you have to have a CV, either written on paper or on a USB stick. the CV would be legally required before you could receive money. This would help weed out those who simply go along for the ride.

2) Now as mentioned above you have to have a meeting before you can sign on, this usually lasts upwards of an hour. Now why not use this hour to take said CV’s with a person in the know and go through it with them, sort out the errors, correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, placement and more. I have only just got this help today and my CV needed some serious tweaks, something that could of been sorted out 1.5 years ago!

3) Action plans for people. These action plans would be linked into your Job centre claim, so for instance you would be given two weeks to change your CV as directed by the professional. If you make no attempt to do it you loose money from your benefit. Continue this action plan for things that can be proved easily by a person on benefit and not just made up in a book that is not read

4) Get us lot out to work. While people like me are on Job seekers Allowance have us cleaning up parks of rubbish, going around with lawn mowers, helping in a charity shops, washing windows of council owned property, the list goes on and on, just something! We would not be taking the jobs of others away, we would be filling the gap where more people are needed for these things but councils lack the funds to hire more people. Work for your benefit. Everyone has to do say 2 days a week, again if they make no effort at all they are docked money.

These are just a few ideas going on in my head, simple, easy to apply steps that could potentially save this country millions each year, get people on benefits contributing back into the community, get them out of the house and doing something, it will weed out the looking from the cant be arsed in weeks! If you’re abled bodied and looking for work then you should be on the course. Reports could be written on behaviour and reliability etc from the courses which could then help with job finding as well.

Anyway it is getting a little loud in this pub, I’ve finished my coffee and sadly it is now filling up, sadly it is filling with unemployed people that have seemingly milked the system so much all they have left to do with their day is drink it away!

This is Phill, using his last pound to buy a coffee signing off………..


So this is an update all about me I guess, however it is kinda a post about and too all those other people around the world that might be finding themselves in a similar position and just can’t see the way out.

So I am currently unemployed and am having no luck in finding work, now I have taken the financial burden from a break up with my sons mother last year completely on my own, add that to the court costs of trying to now get access to see my son and we are sat at around minus £4,000, a debt which I cannot handle, cannot pay and which is giving me such a bad credit rating that I can neither get a loan or pass a credit check to get a job. Now add that on top of a criminal conviction so I don t pass a CRB (Police check) and it makes trying to find a job near impossible.

Now please let me make this perfectly clear that I am not expecting any hugs and awwww poor you from this, I doubt a fairy godmother will fly into my room and wave the magic wand to sort this mess I call a life out and I am not pleading with you for sympathy or apathy, I am basically just venting, just telling a story and also writing is an escape from the world for a few hours, which in my current circumstances is a welcome relief.

So I have been looking at making money some other ways, now I have sold off everything nice I had over a year ago to fund this court case, now unfortunately I have run out of things to sell and the state is now giving me legal aid to continue the fight to see my son, not that I will amount to much of a father figure if I cannot get out of this rut I am in and find some work. I doubt very much that my sons mother will approve of him seeing a father who lives in a tent washing himself in a river every day but slowly the debt is winning this war and it’s heading that way. So this prospect is not one that I find appealing one bit. To combat this from happening I am obviously looking for jobs, last week I applied for 32 jobs, 23 of which where advertised, 9 of which speculative, I spend on average 6 hours at my desk a day looming through the Internet looking for jobs and a further 1-2 hours a day in a chosen town or city with CV’s around 2 times a week, this has got me plenty of interviews but has all resulted in me being no closer to a job!

Now I don’t get the job because of the aforementioned credit check and CRB check failures and most likely because there are a 1000 other people going for the same job at any given time, so what now? I do everything I am meant to, I go to all the job centre 10 mins early every fortnight, I engage them in a polite and professional manner, I ask then attend every and any little course they can throw at me, i adjust my CV, i write better letters, I practise interview techniques, I do full and detailed searches into the company I am applying for and I take any and all advise of bettering myself but I still find myself in the same situation!

Now I need a new idea as things are getting silly, I mean last month I had to 2 weeks of a day on food and a day off food so that I had enough food to last me the month. The only good thing about that is loosing a little weight, but I feel more ill as the months roll on and I presume that is due to a bad diet, my attention levels have also taken a hit as have my levels of drive, I can honestly see now how the weak and disenfranchised succumb to the urges of simply giving up, simply not bothering to get out of bed, not bothering to fight anymore, I know why they do it and I fully understand now how it can happen. I have not got to that level just yet but then is there a breaking point, a point at which you don’t care, a point at which you just accept your shitty no life existence as the best you’re going to get and stagnate! That thought terrifies me to the very core, the same terrified feelings however let me know I am still alive, still have some fight left, and for the very least they facilitate a gauge of humanity for me.

So the slippery slope has me, but where next? I need some ideas, ideas that can be achieved on little to no money, and when I mean little I mean £30 maximum a month! A sum of money most in the western world could and do spend on a fast food outing! The bottom line is to find a job, I just hope I can get to one, convince an employer to take a chance on me and start to work my way out of this hole before there is not a ladder long enough to reach me.

No pictures for this as pictures of homeless people, real homeless people being publicised for the benefit of my tale is degrading to say the least. As a side note honestly if there is anything, a suggestion, a link, a friend of a friend that could possibly find work please put in the comments box below. Thanks for reading 🙂

(Please note that before you read this there is slight use of bad language! All pictures are clean but some text is NSFW, Thank you for reading.)

Hey guys and girls just a little post today on something that annoys me a little and not because it really upsets me, or it affects me anymore than making me a little sad, I am talking about the lack of sportsmanship in computer games now! Obviously I am talking about the real-time strategy and first person shooter elements more than other games, although it is abundantly lacking in MMO’s and in recent weeks my iPad apps that you can play with strangers online!

So what am I babbling on about? Well it’s that lack of maturity maybe, or is it the violent nature of the games I play? Or it is simply people so god damn bored with their lives they need to try to make others the same. What ever it is I can’t help but feel that it is getting way out of hand. Now you start an RTS game and you beat the opponent/s and in return on a number of occasion I am called a cheater, hacker, noob, twat, fucker and far far worse which I will not repeat, this behaviour actually culminated in a threat on my life last night whilst playing Command and Conquer 3 Kane’s wrath! My friend Dai and I were playing a 2 vs 2 map, after around 30 mins of intense fighting in the game,  Dai and I started to get the upper hand and it snowballed, from luck, play style and quite a bit of experience and teamwork we won the game, the second person from the other team then tries to disconnect from the server just before we win ( This is pulling out the Ethernet lead/wifi USB etc) which if done has around a 50/50 chance of causing the game to crash and awarding no one with a win or a loose!

Now I ask you, what on earth is that all about? It has got to such a state just on this game that I actually have a list on the iPad of people we don’t play with anymore! That strikes me as a little odd, ow and as for the person that threatened me, well it was disturbing to say the least. “Your address!” he kept saying, “I will find you and I’ll break your neck” he continued, upon giving the person my address he changed to caps lock and demanded “I die!” A request I am not entirely sure he had thought through completely!

Now this sort of behaviour can be laughed at and ridiculed but I am here to play some games, not to be verbally abused! Does one now expect people to head butt them over the dining room table all because the person opposite won’t sell you Mayfair on Monopoly, or punch your sister as she had better letters than you in scrabble? No it’s absurd!

The massive amounts of “camping” is a clear indication of this too, in an MMO a person’s character will sit it out, waiting for you to re-spawn so that they can kill you instantly again, this can go on for hours if you are silly enough not to just leave the game, it’s the same for first person shooters. I have lost count of the number of times the enemy is camped out in your base, the very place you load back into after death to then shoot you in the back of the head. There is no game in this, you have managed to take the game out of the game, a feat that is quiet extraordinary considering everyone evolved is actually playing a game! A game that has cost all concerned on average £40? £40 for a something you don’t actually use as intended, it’s like having a life raft but deciding to drown instead! Makes no sense.

This behaviour is all the worse when playing with a microphone and headset. Now not only does the person write to you with threats against your life, they now verbally spew them into your ears via the wondrous Internet we all know and *cough* love.

Now what happened to just playing for fun? Just playing to pass the time, playing with some degree of sportsmanship and not flying off the handle because your imaginary tank was blown up. This level of sportsmanship can still be seen in certain sports around the globe, but they tend to be very old games steeped in hundreds of years of tradition, the one that comes to mind is Tennis, I don’t think you will ever see the umpire running for his/her life from a mad man with a tennis racket who is shouting how he is going to insert it up the arse of the one who beat him, in “real life ” these kind of things would be dealt with by the police and you would face serious charges!

So I ask you as gamers to not take it too seriously, I understand the “awwwww” the “arrrrrr WTF that’s rubbish” and also the other frustrations that may come from gaming but really, if you’re ever even getting close to feeling like threatening someone’s life then step away from the console, the PC the iPad, anything you’re playing and calm down. Remember that these games are meant to be for recreational purposes and not a step closer to getting a criminal record.

It’s Olympic time soon and I could not give less of a shit about it I don’t think.

This is not because I am against the idea of hundreds of the very best athletes fighting it out in their chosen events this time in the city of London, ow no, it’s for the very fact it is not about that anymore. Once upon a time it was about the athlete, it was about the sheer excitement of who was going to win, the taking part the being the best you can be tagline went perfectly with it but sadly, these days the Olympics has sold out, it’s been taken over by the multinational corporations, all of which I might add are neither healthy or British!

Take the official food sponsors. You have mac Donald’s, a fast food super corp with no less than 33 thousand plus stores around the world, serving what I consider to be disgusting food that only helps to kill you a little quicker if abused. It’s food is modified to be fattier, cheaper and addictive all of which has nothing what so ever to do with the Olympics

Secondly there is Coca Cola who sell billions of cans of corn syrup induced lovelyness which again is catastrophically bad for you in high enough measures over long periods of time. Since studies indicate “soda and sweetened drinks are the main source of calories in [the] American diet”,most nutritionists advise that Coca-Cola and other soft drinks can be harmful if consumed excessively, particularly to young children whose soft drink consumption competes with, rather than complements, a balanced diet. Studies have shown that regular soft drink users have a lower intake of calcium, magnesium, ascorbic acid, riboflavin, and vitamin A.The drink has also aroused criticism for its use of caffeine, which can cause physical dependence. A link has been shown between long-term regular cola intake and osteoporosis in older women (but not men). This was thought to be due to the presence of phosphoric acid, and the risk was found to be same for caffeinated and noncaffeinated colas, as well as the same for diet and sugared colas. Again this is not very Olympic, be the best you can be super athlete now is it.

And last but definitely not least you have Cadbury, a company that up until recently was more or less British but now like the other two is American owned, this time by the massive Kraft corporation. Cadburys is a confectionary maker and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how too much chocolate is bad for you lol

So there we have the food sponsors. Pathetic but the stupidity does not end there, ow no, in recent days mc Donald’s fries were to be the only chips to be served anywhere near the Olympics unless your chips were being served with fish! Now I have heard that this “rule” which I’m sure a lot of businesses would have ignored anyway, has been quashed and this pathetic bullshit well and truly thrown out by understandably very angry local business owners – Good for them i say!

Also the fact that this is now in its 9th billion to host is astonishing! Why does it need to cost so much? Why the hell does it have to be done this way, what happened to just having the games, the whole point of the games is the actual games themselves not greedy corporations taking over a city for the best part of the last 4 years, controlling a nations Capitol to the point of bringing it to its knees to suit their money making agendas. Now I understand it created jobs and I understand it will bring in money, but in a country struggling to stay afloat in a world wide economic crises I could think of a damn sight more worthwhile things to spend 9 billion on.

So I think I will end this rant of mine with something I literally saw when I was writing this peice, that is this. Source

The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal, who has estimated how long it would take to read every privacy policy you encounter highlights an interesting bit from the “Linking Policy” in the Terms of Use for the London 2012 website:

“a. Links to the Site. You may create your own link to the Site, provided that your link is in a text-only format. You may not use any link to the Site as a method of creating an unauthorised association between an organisation, business, goods or services and London 2012, and agree that no such link shall portray us or any other official London 2012 organisations (or our or their activities, products or services) in a false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise objectionable manner.”

So I think that says it all, when they have to try and control media and free speech with this attempt that they deserve nothing but multiple links defying their made up rules..

So LOCOG you’re a money grabbing, greedy, horrendously run, fat cat, corporation loving bunch of tosses. Have a great day.