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Hey guys and girls, a slight rant or waffle if you will.

I start my days waking up and eating breakfast, showering and brushing my teeth, grooming and putting on products to make me smell nice, get dressed and then that is where your day and mine split. You go to work, I sit at home and switch on the computer. I load up the 15 or so sites for job hunting and I think of new and interesting ways to fill in application forms.

This is my second month of doing this now and I can honestly say that I have come very close to being homeless as I have accidentally spent more money on travel that I was meant to, that is if I have any money in the first place for travel. “Ummm the job center pay for travel you dickhead!” – Thank you random person that will no doubt not read my whole post but comment anyway. Yes they will pay for it, unless you cannot provide proof, or they don’t feel like it or they are having a bad day or they don’t remember to put it through the damn system. To put this into context I have the following make up this month;

£30 over draft, £25 phone bill, £323 rent.

Incoming is £134 twice in a month and £158 once.

dolestreet_1713190cSo take away that from that and you get £49. I have also rounded things up to make it easier. Now £49 for a month of food, toiletries, travel, any new items I should require, for instance new shoes for interviews, shirts, ties, you get the idea. In a world where a loaf of bread can be over £1 to buy I find myself on a diet primarily made up of pasta and something tinned, a diet that makes my body feel lack luster and dull. A body need fresh fruit and veg to function at it’s highest and it is RIGHT NOW I need to be on my “A” game. I’m all up for reducing money from not working, think it’s a good idea but they need to balance it a little. The money situation is now hindering me finding work, which in turn will probably mean I have to sponge off the state for longer, so the reduction in out of work income, in my instance, is useless as I will be taking from the state about as much as I would have been before the changes but now just over a longer time.

There are 100 jobs and 1000 people for each one looking down this way at the moment. Not so much Cardiff but Newport and Bridgend are both doing badly and they are either side of Cardiff and the competition is eminence. Cardiff is become saturated as is Bristol. I am having to look further a field to find work, which is fine, however when you consider that the closest city to me is Cardiff and is around a 8-15 mins train ride away and costs around £6 to get to and back from every single time I want to go there, it kinda makes a longer trip to a further away location either impossible or a toss up between food buying and an interview.

Ok. I get that “As of Q1 2013 UK government debt amounted to £1,377 billion, or 88.1% of total GDP” and that is bad. But you can’t make money, or in this instance get people back to work by simply making people poor. It makes it harder.Nillionaire someone having little to no money

Plus they made the changes for money in one go. so instead of gradually doing it over a year or 6 months so people flowed into work, they said HEY, 3 million people you won’t have enough money to live on unless you find work from……..

NOW GO GO GO. What the fuck did they expect?

My final ranty bit has to do with an E-mail I got yesterday from Mc Donalds. It was an email saying that I was unsuccessful in my attempt to work at one of their stores. I have a feeling it is to do with my age as the application form is not particularly taxing, with multi-choice answers for questions being presented, most of which are something along the lines of;

If an employee said something that offended you, would you, A) Beat the shit out of them. B) Put their face in the fry station or C) try and talk to them or your manager and see if something can be sorted out.

I feel that being in my 30’s now and looking for any type of job does have it’s downsides. I have traveled the world with the British Armed Forces, I’ve been back packing across Europe I’ve lived in Paris, I’ve been called all the names under the sun and I have made my mistakes. So as an employer you can expect someone of my age and up to call bullshit out. If something is wrong we will bring it up, bring it up in a polite and proper way, be that going to the manager to tell them of a leak or asking someone not to repeat something again as it is not appropriate for work etc etc. There lies the problem, they don’t want that, managers don’t want more work, they would rather employ an 18 year old who knows nothing of their rights, nothing of what is really right and wrong and will simply walk away if fired for no reason. I and many others of my “age bracket” and above simply could not and would not tolerate that.

6-things-to-consider-when-you-have-to-cut-back120412_0So to sumerise I feel that I am being put into a tared group of people that does not want to work, I want to work and I actively do everything in my power to do so, but in reality I have to pick and choose which interviews I go to some days, or ring them up and try and change the date and time to a day I am already in that city, mostly this results in me no longer being offered the interview as I am already kicking up a fuss about something that should be easy to do, a view that is sensible and reasonable but yet is something that is sometimes out of my reach to accomplish. Why employ someone when they can’t even travel 15 mins down the road on a given day? Will that person even be able to make it to work for the first month of employment? How reliable is this person if he/she cannot even commit to a simple interview without wanting to change the date and/or time.

I fully expect to not have that bottle of wine in the fridge, to eat cheaper food and to commit my days to filling in forms but when the current infrastructure put in place by the government hinders that, I can only see a prolonged usage of benefits. This money could well be spent on other things in our country, if not in employment or growth but in education, the NHS, maybe even employing someone with the balls to tell the US, “You know what? we are not joining you in this war, costs too much for no return”.

Anyway rant over of a very annoyed and increasingly stressed Phil.



So here I am again and today’s blog post, well at least this one will be back to little ol me and what happening in my life 🙂 I may end up doing another gaming type one if I find something of interest as this blogging “bug” has well and truly gripped me.

Soooooooooo what’s been going on with me, well to be honest a lot and at the same time nothing what so ever. On the one hand I am so broke that after bills, not including food, I have £2.33 until the 12th of June. Glad I have plenty of pasta in, a mum that lives around the corner and some really great mates 🙂 I find myself still looking for jobs but find the whole experience mentally exhausting as there are simply too many people for too few job, in this part of the world (South Wales, no not the beautiful and sunny New South Wales of Australia, the original rainy one) it has really hit home hard. Noticing the town now resembles that of a western when the bandits come to town, boarded up windows and only the homeless and crazy left on the streets.

On the upside however my spirits are high as after almost 15 months of paperwork and slow negotiation have failed to solve the problem of not seeing my son, the Willy Wonka golden ticket of mail arrived the other day stating court dates of June 26th :). At the time I write this I have not seen my now rapidly ageing son since March 2nd 2011, so this for me is massive news that even thinking about makes me well up and almost cry. I have no idea where my son lives as my ex moved away and only her solicitors know where, she also cut all ties with my side and apparently her side of the family too.

Trust me when I say that that little bugger will be well and truly spoilt by every member of my family until the poor kid is fed so much, hugged so much and fussed over so much he will probably turn into a spoilt brat for the rest of the year.

So in other news, although the above was the biggy really, I have taken to blogging. “No really Phill!?”. Yes and I know that you know that for obvious reason but it has really grabbed my attention, given me something to do and helped me focus on something I deem worthwhile rather than starting to think of things that maybe have not gone to plan in my life. Thinking about the past is never a good way to do things and I am glad to say with blogging I can control that a lot better.

I would like to give massive thank you to all those who have read my blog, I had between 20 and 24 visits on my first two days which I was happy with then yesterday 52!  That is a good number and I hope that the upward trend continues and I get to see some other awesome blogs from people who I one day will hopefully be able to call friends too.

Last but by no means least I have to add that a good friend Neil has his own blog, he has been helping me out and has been publicising mine wherever he can. You should give him a look and pass his details along as he is an awesome guy that has done a lot for me in the short time I have had the pleasure to know him. His blog  WTF WHININESS OF A DERANGED WEB DESIGNER! can be found, well it can be found in the link I just a second gave you 😛