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So I find myself here writing again in the very few hours of free time I get at the moment, and there is so much I wanted to write about however it has dawned on me that all games I have recently played are old and have been reviewed, all films I have seen will have been reviewed to death and the whole PS4 or XBOX One debate rages on from dawn until dusk right around the globe.

So since I would like to write about things but want to also cram in so much I think I’ll just touch on everything I have played and watched in the next few posts but just give a straight to the point, no babbling opinion rather than a review, first a few good bits, few bad in a sentence and leave it as that. Think of it as reviews for the TL:DR group ūüôā

So here we go.

Monsters University 

muWell it is not proper animation unless it is Pixar animations in my book and MU was no exception. The detail is divine and the  starting short almost had me in tears. The story is well put together and told, characters are loveable and well thought out.  It is arguably not as funny as the previous film however me and my girlfriend enjoyed it so much that we actually found ourselves shouting out at the film at one point.

Little kids or big ones like me? Go see it. It’s not going to write the way we tell stories but what it sets out to do it does very well. Highly recommend.



Pacific Rim

pacific rimOH Jesus H! What a film. I thought it was amazing, basically because it is a no bullshit film. No pretence that it is anything but a mad CGI filled monster mash. That is the films biggest feature! The sheer cheekiness to throw almost all twist, arching story or any “Oh but it will make it sell” bull shit into the film is an ingenious twist all on its own. ¬†Too many times have I gone to see a film that I need around 4 brain cells to watch, in the hope it will be Pacific Rim and too many times it has trudged through story I don’t give a shit about.

For a day when you just want to watch a ridiculous film with huge set pieces  , go see this, near flawless because it does exactly what it says on the tin.



This is the End

thisisendA good take on a tried and tested formula from the past. Get a bunch of famous people, put them into a stupidly over the top Scenario ¬†and make them¬†funny. ¬†It is clever at parts, it is daft in others however it goes together well. With a few off bits now and again this is still a solid film and I found myself laughing out loud on more than a few occasions on this film. ¬†If sophisticated humour, class and decency is what you’re looking for then stay well away from this one, if the opposite applies to you then go see it now.





Despicable Me 2

disp2An adorable film that is very good to watch. I would not say it is actually that funny but then again I was a little tired when I went to see it. The film does not really link to the first at all, or at least not in may way and I feel this could put some off. Never the less it was an enjoyable film that did make me giggle all the way through. Plus who can’t resist the little minions and their cheeky ways.





The Internship 

intershipThis is again is not a film that is going to blow you away. I found its silly houmor good at times however I felt the pacing of the film was just a little slow. I didn’t get bored but felt that at times more could be going on in the film to liven it up just a tad more. Altogether though it is well written and has some very nice touches. It will become apparent that Google paid for 95% of this film by minute 11 of the film however, very heavily advertised throughout, even though the placement in the film is at Google it did see at times if I was being punched in the face with a Google logo.




Now You See Me

nowyouseemeDidn’t know what to make of this film at first and was umm’ing and errr’ing over seeing it. Sat down with am instant scepticism¬†for it and it turned me around. I would love to see this film again with a far more open mind. See if I cannot full give it the go that this film deserves. ¬†The film is clever and intriguing, it draws you in and leaves you wondering how it could be done, just like magic shows themselves. It’s very well put together and expertly told. This film is different, its fresh and I really really enjoyed it.

Give t a go. give it a chance, I don’t think it will disappoint.





croodsI forgot to mention this before in anything else I have written but it is defiantly worth a mention. It is beautifully made, the visually stunning and the story is quite good. The main reason why I put this up here is simply the fact that not since UP have I cared for an animated character/s so much. I really felt there was peril, love, danger and loss in this film and for an animated film to do that, well it is simply amazing.

Go see it and see if you can stop from gasping or shouting out at the screen ūüôā




Well that kind of concludes my little blog today.  I hope you have enjoyed the simplistic review format and non rant like comments. Tell me if you like things this way or would rather full-blown spoiler ridden rants of a review.



Please be aware that this ranty review of mine does contain spoilers! You have been warned  

Welcome one and all to another exciting new review, this time of the Zombie doomsday film, World War Z.

Now to judge a film based on a book like the one Max Brooks wrote is in my eyes wrong. if you have read the book, which I have and loved by the way, you’ll find that it is a book of many stories, based roughly 10 years after the Zombie war, it portrays the stories of survivors from around the world, rich, poor, lower class or upper and their personal stories spread across several years of the world at war. This set-up would not make sense as a film and therefore I have chosen to separate the book and film when I am reviewing this film as I believe you should when watching it.¬†


familyzNow that is out of the way I have to first say that I really enjoyed the film. However there were a few little parts that didn’t quiet gel for me. The family of the main character,¬†Gerry Lane¬†played by Brad Pitt don’t seem to be needed. I found myself not caring if they lived or died. In a scene where Gerry, his wife Karin Lane (Mireille Enos) and their two children, Constance Lane (Sterling Jernis) and Rachel Lane (Abigail Hargrove) are being chased from a friendly families apartment, up the stairs to an awaiting helicopter the shock moment is that the child from the family that gave them refuge is the only survivor and narrowly manages to hop on the helicopter with Gerry’s family, at that point I realised that Gerry’s family were not really important, they didn’t play a role in the film at all, in my opinion the film would have been better off without them, maybe even substitute his family for finding the child alive and saving him, I feel the bond there would have been far greater and given a sense of a small triumph in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Another gripe is the slightly cheap ending, after you see thousands of zombies and normal humans battling around the world from New York to Israel with huge set pieces and explosions the end sequence did seem a little rushed and a tad cheap, saying that however I was enjoying the film at minute one and I was still world-war-z-spoilersenjoying it at the last. 

The film has been criticized for being boring with too many silly or pointless parts. I can see that the phone call from wife Karin to husband Gerry on a satellite phone at a point when Gerry is in zombie infested South Korea is a plot point that should maybe of hit the cutting room floor in favour of something a little more becoming, it was not enough to stop the enjoyment of my viewing at all and actually gave me a little chuckle.


frac_08-10_37227_lgOne of the nicest aspects of the film that my girlfriend @Sprinklelight mentioned, is the use of CGI to create the zombie hordes for grand effect but using high-end make up and prosthetics when zombies were close up or few in number, this made for a few jumpy moments, which all adds to the fun.

Overall the film impressed and although it has a few downsides and a family that does not affect the story much, if at all I would rate my experience of watch an 8/10. ¬†A very brave effort to make an epic zombie film and I come away from this wondering that if it didn’t say it was connected to the book and was called a different name if people would still be so harsh.¬† The one thing that comes across from this is that films and books should NEVER be directly compared they are simply two forms of art that are worlds apart.




So the last blog post was me giving a quick over view of what has been going on in my life since I ‘went dark’ in September last year, these are things that I will write more about in the future. I do know a number of readers of this blog do like gaming articles and also rants that I do. ¬†Now these types of posts are not going to end,¬†in fact¬†I¬†hope¬†to do far more, however I have had an unlimited Cineworld card ¬†and I find myself watching a fair few films a month, so I thought why not do some reviews from my point of view of films I have seen.

6_out_of_10Now lets clear up something before I start my rant, I liked the film, I though the acting was great, the visual effects were amazing, the set designs and costumes, especially on Krypton are fantastically well done and the story was of good quality  I would rate the experience of watching the film as a 6 out of 10. In the next few paragraphs I will try to explain why this film should have been greater than it was.

That brings me nicely to my¬†inevitable rant about¬†Man of Steel, the latest¬†instalment¬†of the Superman franchise from DC Comic entertainment. A re-boot of the MAN-OF-STEEL-man-of-steel-33835377-1024-717franchise that I believe will start a bunch of films off for the Justice League¬†charters,¬†which will eventually combine into a¬†Justice¬†League film, hoping to cash in on the very popular¬†Avengers¬†franchise. ¬†Now I was¬†aware¬†that this film was going to be a re-boot to Superman and was going to be a spring-board for more Superman films and to introduce the world to Henry Cavill¬†as Superman. He plays the character very well and I believe he will make a fine Superman in the coming years. ¬†The actors and¬†actresses¬†and¬†their¬†ability to act is not the problem with this film in my mind. The main problem is the feeling that this film goes on FAR too long, running at 143 mins (2 hours and 3 mins) you’re left feeling like it is a 3 hour plus¬†trawl through the life and times of an¬†almost¬†dead¬†species¬†, the long story of¬†Krypton’s ¬†demise and the sending of Kal-El from his doomed home planet to earth is¬†fairly¬†well done and does not bore , even ¬†if, like me you already know the story of Superman, it’s fact that the film seems to feel the need to baby step you to every single last revelation is the main problem. I know that he has¬†difficult¬†choices, Oh the film does not, here is another snap shot of his past, where as a child he had to hold onto his anger, had to hold on to the fact he is not human, the secret, the mystery,¬†OK¬†film I got it, thanks, Oh no, not finished eh? Yet another reference to THE SAME BLOODY THING AGAIN!

Not only does the film continually churn up the same problems that face Superman with a slightly different clip, it stays at that point in the film for far to long¬†therefore¬†making the film seem long-winded general zod man of steel-1and giving you a sense of ‘Get on with it’. ¬†Possibly the worst part of the film where this is concerned is when General Zod announces to the world that he wants Superman or he will destroy the Earth, Superman surrenders to the human race and¬†voluntarily joins Zod¬†aboard his ship only to be drugged into a dream state, here Superman finds out Zod’s true plans to wipe out the planet Earth and rebuild a new Krypton on top its ruins…… A plot line set in motion when you are informed that Zod has a World Changer, a machine you are told about in the first 30 mins of the film AND later on is a terraforming machine, a WMD of biblical¬†postpositions. Now I don’t know about you, but I didn’t think he had bothered to repair the world machine and bring it untold billions of light years through space for it to be¬†referenced¬† half a dozen times and not used! ¬† We get it, he is a bad guy.

That brings me on to the next gripe I had with the film, the long-winded action scene that you wait around 1 hour 50 mins for at the end of the film. Oh yes there are other action sequences , however they seem to blend into one, General Zods minions punch Superman, superman flies through several buildings, destroying part of a town, Superman then fights back, rinse and¬†repeat. ¬†After several mins of this Superman¬†saves a human commander of the military forces that are fighting both Superman and Zods forces, the humans then ¬†realise (in a painfully slow scene) ¬†that Superman is a friend and not foe and hence the protection of earth with humans and Superman working¬†together¬†can begin. So now we are at the end, the big final scene, the world-changing machine is ¬†starting to change the world, humans best efforts are useless¬†against¬†the¬†impending¬†doom and buildings fall down left right andworld-machine-destruction¬†centre¬†in the¬†bustling¬†city of New Yo…. sorry¬†Metropolis. Without much effort Superman flies to the other end of the planet and destroys the world-changing device by basically¬†believing¬†he can, flies back to¬†Metropolis¬†and ends up destroying another portion of the city, possibly the same amount of damage done by the world machine by this point simply trying to beat up Zod,¬†finally ending with Zods neck being broken by the mighty arm of Superman. Then that’s it, an end, seemingly uneventful death and end to a¬†film¬†that should have been much more. The whole build up to what this man was going to become is decided by one move by Zod, ¬†the newly¬†acquired¬†powers of ‘laser eye’ try to kill a mother, father and two kids, Superman at this point decides that although he has probably killed hundreds of people by collapsing buildings in the battle between the two of them that this is the final¬†straw, hardly an epic ending in my eyes.

Over all I felt that the film lacked a sense of pace and although I would not discourage anyone from watching it I would just say that I was somewhat disappointed with the end result.

Welcome but be warned this one is going to be a rant!

So this 3D bug that is and has swept through the world, why? ¬†Have the games and film¬†industry¬†really run out of ideas for new content already that they are now throwing any¬†gimmick¬†at us to try and make us believe their film or game is better? ¬†Well it doesn’t do that for me and an increasing number of my friends who are stepping away from it.

So lets touch on games first and how I believe it could have bought the “Phantom”¬†Menace¬†of 3D back (See what I did there ūüôā ) . So a little time ago there was the PC and the consoles (In the home anyway). The PC typically¬†used to be between 3-5 years ahead of the¬†consoles in¬†performance, graphics and a bunch of other boring¬†criteria. ¬†This meant that if you looked at what the top end PC was running a game like say Crysis at you could surmise that the next-gen of¬†consoles¬†would¬†probably be running close to, or slightly over that, great!. This went on for some years until the PC stopped getting¬†hugely¬†better, now don’t get me wrong the PC still kicks the pants off of the consoles, for example take BattleField 3, Once you play with 64 people on a 1080p battlefield of awesomeness it is hard to go back to playing blocky 24 player games with the cast of Minecraft. ¬†However the rate at which graphics has moved on has slowed dramatically over the past few years and this is when 3D reared its ugly head. This happened in movies and made a push on to games and in¬†particular¬†marked the creation of the 3DS.To me the slow down in advancements in the gaming industry and the PC market as a whole affected the movie industry no end, an industry now so used to being able to throw together a bad script, expensive actors and a shed load of¬†brand¬†new CGI to “wow” the audience, now found it’s self without a huge advancement in technology to go on. So the men (and women) at the top did what? ¬†Well in my mind they bought back a relic of the past, a long since tried and failed technology from the 70’s jazzed it up a bit and decided “That’ll do”, ¬†3 bloody D.

So this sounds like a right go at the movie industry right now with no positives, “bloody grumpy git” you’re probably all crying but it’s not all bad. ¬†I enjoyed a number of films in recent years, it has to be said not as much as films from the 70’s, 80, and 90’s but there have been a few flashes of brilliance here and there but, (and this is the important bit), none, not one single movie I have watched in 3D has ever been improved by the 3D. ¬†The 3D is not even noticed by most I ask about it, if it is then it is to complain of how the person has now got a headache. ¬†The 3D element seems to fade out of your mind after the first 15 mins of a film, ¬†the most “enjoyment” (If you can call it that) from the whole 3D¬†experience¬†is had from a few trailers, adverts and the THX animation before the film has even started. ¬†For me it feels as though it is a cop-out, a failure to advance an art form further with story, twist,shock or even by trying to push the¬†boundaries¬†of taste, no it slipped nicely into the false belief of, if it makes money it’s good enough.

“Don’t watch films in 3D then you idiot!” is what I am sensing from readers right now, easier said than done my friend, for the 2D showings of a film are so few in number and at such¬†inappropriate¬†times that it is¬†becoming¬†harder and harder to see a film without it being in 3D. Just to add also for a little comic relief I look like a complete idiot with glasses over glasses when I go to the cinema. I am lucky I am in a dark room of fear of shame lol. So it is with great sadness that I find myself visiting the cinema less and less as friends and family do the same, removing themselves from the 3D fad and also hoping that it is a fad that dies out sooner rather than later.

I think I have gone on about the virtues of 3D and why I¬†disprove¬†of it long enough now that I think I will leave the 3DS and it’s mind hurtingly odd 3D madness to another post and another time.