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And welcome back one and all.

So as promised to myself and you it is the weekend and I have been adding to this all week and now it is ready ūüôā So lets re-cap on where we left in the last post

So I have made the choice to take the long shot, turn down a job and go for the harder to get, longer to achieve job that I felt in the long-term would provide me with more of a future than the small cafe that I was guarantee a job in.

So we return to the action as I walk into the college in Bridgend town on a Friday afternoon some 2 weeks ago now, nervous and sweating and slightly out of breath I look down at my watch to find I am 40 mins early! I approach the information desk to a woman who seemingly knows nothing at all of the course,¬†further¬†more cares even less that ¬†I am even there let alone in need of assistance. Instead of calling for help she suggests I try G block as that (and I quote) “Has lot of computers, n has people in it”. Thanks for nothing, try smiling next time too!

I enter G block and quickly find my room; a tall man with a friendly face looks down on me as I introduce myself as Phill, shaking his hand and finding out his name is Max I ask if he needs help with the tables he is moving around, accepting my help with a slight grin we set about making the room ready for the others, other people who will be in this story just for the beginning, some just on odd days and a few whom I now consider friends slowly start to walk in.

Everyone of the people now sitting around me are all unemployed, all looking a little¬†unimpressed¬†and all weary of each other, each probably wondering what the next is, “Is this really worth our time”. ¬†In walks Max from popping outside and announces that we start this course on a¬†Friday¬†as it helps keep people to come back on Monday; quick speaking, ¬†full of jest and right to the point, I got the distinct feeling that this was a guy telling the truth, a guy who could be a good laugh but says it how it is, a guy I can really relate to. As the day progresses we get taught about the company, about what we will do and what the company does, what we will be doing through the course and how much fun it will be. ¬†These¬†explanations¬†are absorbed by all but as the questions for him are opened up to the floor the look goes around the room to each other, who is going to ask the question? Who is it going to……. “Is this only inbound call centre job or do with have to ring people and bug them?” asks a man I now know as Marc. Without ¬†missing a beat Max reassured us that this is inbound only, proper customer service and not sales, “Well now I am in” I thought to myself.

We wrap up and prepare for the next two weeks after we meet Jo, our tutor for the course.

After the weekend we go back to the course and as expected  fewer people have shown up, those that are remaining  range from the loud and brash [Like me] to the shy and introverted.

Over the next week we learn to come out of our shells, or in the case of some (Yes I was one) to control that urge to make the silly joke at the wrong time. We learn to write how Serco want, talk like Serco want and produce a CV like a Serco professional, all of this paperwork is then done, dusted and sent away over the week ready for the second week of  team building exercises.  Over the week we all got close and 2 times had a few drinks and a good laugh in the local pub. Melding together as a unified and structured unit we felt ready for the challenges of the next week.  Well were we ready for the second week?!  Blazing through it and having so much fun whilst doing it that we totally forgot what this was all for, totally forgot the importance of a job, of money, of a normal life once more, a life devoid of counting pennies to eat, a life without fear of being reduced to nothing but a shell of a man walk, sleeping and living on the streets.

The second week was a wash with colour, presentations and nerves of standing up amongst ourselves and presenting something we had contributed to, I was told to be a little less the leader as I started to storm in front of some others and my natural leader/people person persona oozed through, growing in confidence every day. Urged on by this new-found lust for life I continued to excel at ¬†mostly all of the exercises and in fact have just written something that you have just this min read that is all about bigging me up, a trait that the British seem to hate doing, we far prefer to self¬†deprecate rather than stand up strong and proud and yell “I am fucking awesome”.¬†¬†This trait has only really been taught to me in the last 2 weeks and I will continue to use and¬†cherish¬†this part of me as why the hell not, I am amazing and you know what, so are YOU!

So having bought my A game, smashed the 2 weeks open with a sledge-hammer I get to¬†Friday, the day of the first interview. The interview is on the phone and has to take place in a dimly lit¬†library¬†which is only¬†acceptable¬†via an elevator as it is not meant to be being used at all. One by one the people go down and come up with tails of how nice and relaxed it is, how easy they found it thanks to the course and how I and others will “breeze through it”. Well nerves at a¬†maximum¬†I take my seat and wait for my turn the phone rings and a sense of relief comes over me as an attractive sounding 20¬†something¬†voice gently asks what my name is; over the next 15 to 20 mins my mind is a blur with questions about my past, present and future, about the company and how I deal with different situations. ¬†A giggle here, a giggle there and I realise I am flirting a little with the¬†interviewer, something I always end up doing in person as that is just me but now is such a huge relief to be happening now that I let out an¬†audible¬†sigh of relief¬†¬†which I quickly explain is not me passing wind but rather the tension and stress of what I thought this¬†experience¬†to be ebb away. ¬†After what I can only¬†describe¬†as a nice chat I put the phone down, let my body relax and slide down the seat into a heap of¬†relaxation and¬†thankfulness¬†that this ordeal is now over; picking myself up from the seat and heading back upstairs I cannot wait for the outcome the next day, the final word on whether I am through to the next stage of interviews or like so many others will slip back down into the gutter of¬†society¬†to never been seen again by¬†employer¬†eyes.

Well the time came and went, booze at the local pub was drunk and all had a good time, no phone call in sight! How well had we all done? Did I get through? Did I manage to secure myself through to the second and last stage of the interview process?

Find out next wee………………….. Na only shitting you, YEA I DID! ¬†Smashed it. Then a week later I smashed the interview in Cardiff ; two days later finding out by Phone that I got the job. ¬†Not only did I get the job I was put in for the second tier, so I am fast¬†tracked¬†through into my personal pole¬†position¬†and right off the bat I earn more an hour than the others! I could not be happier! ¬†The guy on the other side of the phone had to wait as I¬†literally¬†shouted down the phone “THANK YOU SO MUCH”, with a giggle and a “You’re welcome” we each put down our phones, him to continue working and me to loudly (and badly) sing while jumping around the house with a little air guitar thrown in too.

So that’s what has been going on. I sit here¬†writing¬† to you now 8 days away from starting a brand new job, starting a brand new life and I have so many ideas, so many good things I want to do and so many memories of awesomeness to conjure up over the coming years in this new career. The last year of being selfish and only thinking of myself and my Son have finally started to pay off, finally started to get me out of this rut, finally less than 6 months away from total bankruptcy I find myself in floods of happy tears, jumping around the house butt naked, singing……

Know that this job is not for nice things, not for a better living for me really, it’s all about things that matter, things that you can’t buy,¬†experiences¬†that I and other are missing out on. I can buy the new TV and nice couch after more important things have been done. ¬†Next on my list is pay off debt and continue to fight for my son, I have a well paid job, I can soon¬†afford¬†to throw money at the best¬†lawyers¬†and start the fight back at my ex, to smash her useless defence to the ground and regain what is right, what is needed and what is the best for my son.

Stay¬†tuned,¬†¬†in a short time you will see me hit¬†maximum momentum that not even¬†the ugliest, twisted and utterly bullshit defence lawyers will be able to stop. God help any mofo that gets in my way now that phase one of ¬†Operation “Life back” has been completed ūüėÄ

Awesome times are coming I can feel it already.


So hello once again one and all. ¬†I do apologise to anyone who has been waiting on an update after my rather brash, bold and altogether awesome news filled update a few weeks past. ¬†I have not died or become depressed I simply have not had time to write and when I have had time the internet was not working, that is justthe way of things I guess ūüôā

Anyway I am here now and I have a few hours spare on this sunny Sunday afternoon. The gentle warm summer breeze lapping at me through the window to my right and a house devoid of life. No sounds, no shouting, no cooking, mashing, smashing, washing, drying, no TV no music just me, the sound of a summers day and the clippaty calpaty ¬†of the keyboard ūüôā

So the job with food is unfortunately a no go. No no please hold off from the sad faces just yet, as I did actually get it. Later on the same day as writing my previous blog post I was offered the job but as with all things (like buses) you wait for one forever and a day then two come at once.  I was given the opportunity  to go on a two week interview course for a company called Serco, a public services company that is expanding through the internet and requires more people.  SO my options at this point were;

Accept the job with cafe at only 24 Р30 hours a week with no progression, which is however very close and in walking distance and is something I like to do, know how to do and am good at,


Throw all caution to the wind and go on a 2 week interview course, attend a phone interview at the end then if I get through head to the capitol for another interview and if I get through THEN start 5 weeks training.  Spend around £1000 a year on getting back and forth to work BUT have huge progression possibilities and a contracted 40 hours a week.

Now I could not attend the course and work in the cafe; also the option to hold off on the cafe job until this other job with Serco was either a yes or no was unavailable so I had to make a choice, I had to do it by the next day at 9am and so I went home. Home to relax, put my feet up and scribble out some ideas, some needs, some prospects, a nice quiet and peaceful place of my own, of course this was the very night my house mates decided a party until 3 am was the best course of action (for them). However after much thought through gritted teeth, loud music and people having sex on the lawn I came to my conclusion…….

So sat in the house that night with the floorboards vibrating, the sound of screaming, shouting, giggles, glasses smashing, the¬†fridge¬†and freezer door being¬†slammed¬†shut every few mins, the distinct droan of shit dance music plus the horrid retching sound of the one that always drinks too much I¬†realised¬†that I had to go for the Serco job, had to earn sensible, good money and do it in a timely manner as staying in this box room for much longer was going to lead to murder and being in a smaller, more confined room called a cell ūüėõ

So the next day after having gingerly told the cafe manager that I was refusing her kind offer I headed into the first day of my two weeks¬†experience…………….


Join me next week for what my two weeks entailed.

  • Friends
  • Work
  • Tears
  • Music
  • Commitment
  • Down and outs

Just some of next weeks words I can think will fit in very well with the next instalment.

I’ll hopefully see you next weekend 1st/2nd September 2012.

I am going to make a concious decision to put a new blog post up every week on either a Saturday or Sunday, that way I can write a little bit each day then publish it, I have realised that it will be better to get into an organised routine now then when I get the job and I have more stories to tell I will have it all set out and ready to go ūüôā

To all my readers remember………………………………………………………….


Hey there everyone this is just a quick update for those of you that care what is going on in my tiny life at the moment ūüôā

So as the title would suggest I think (fingers, toes, legs and everything else crossed) things are on the up. As¬†previously¬†mentioned in The Job Centre is a joke post I got some help with my CV and I dished it out to some businesses in my local town; week later and I get a call for an interview on the same day. I drop everything and make it to the coffee shop I am to be interviewed in, I’m looking dapper; clean-shaven, smartly dressed, perfect hair and a massive COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEE OOOOOONNNN kinda attitude for¬†success.

The interview lasted all but 20¬†minutes with the owner going into the kitchen to ask her daughter when a work trial could be organised, lo and behold the woman who now stood before me was once working in a bar that I used to manage, a mere 16-year-old when I last saw her, now a confident chef with a stake in the ¬†successful¬†coffee shop I was¬†applying¬†to work for. She knew my name, I hers and she remembered the time, over 12 years ago that I and the owners of the pub we used to work grabbed up all the lads and lasses one night and took them out on the town, got very drunk, had an awesome time and probably had a good old dance around too. ¬†This memory had stayed with her as she explained to the owner (her mother) what a good time it was, after much laughing about the past I was offered the trail run for the next day, I shook both of¬†their¬†hands,¬†thanked them¬†for their time and started to walk out of the shop; just before I got to the doors I glanced back, red-faced from laughing so much as I saw both women also red-faced giving me a little friendly wave. “This could be what I’ve been looking for” I thought to myself, “This is fantastic!” as I almost skipped up the road home, remembering the night 12 years ago and laughing out loud and to myself,¬†strangers¬†walking past giving me rather confused looks as I failed to contain my¬†feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, ecstasy, excitement, and joy, I was euphoric!

The next day, no sleep, too nervous, too hyped….. “What happens if I burn that, this, set the place on fire!”, Over 3 years of not working for another was not good for rest but I knew what I had to do. Scrub up, look nice and off I went. I arrived and was¬†immediately¬†started on learning the kitchen; within 15¬†minutes I was prepping, slicing, cooking and learning, I felt so alive, so right in the kitchen again. Slow to start and making sure I made no mistakes I gained more and more confidence and cooked and help cook the entire lunch section with my new boss. Plenty to still learn and realising I would require some knife time again I looked back on the afternoon with great love and respect. I was told that I was hard-working, good with food, didn’t have to be told twice to get things right and I was a quick learner, well at that point and right up until now I have had a massive smile on my face, I had forgotten how good it is to work with food, how great it is to¬†accomplish¬†working in a kitchen and on the basic level I had forgotten how good getting paid for some hard graft is! This might be it, this might be the time I finally get myself out of this rut, forget the Olympics, forget the landing on Mars this will be MY year if I pull this off.

There are two other people to go through and I do hope there is something wrong with both as this job would mean the world to me, lets just hope they burn everything lol.  I will find out about the job this Monday so if my next blog post is just some kind of text shouting with swearwords mixed in that you read and get a sense that I am happy then I got the job.

Also in my personal news РI am now happy to announce that I am paying child maintenance for my son Seth. Why is this such a good thing? you ask well it is another step forward in the ongoing fight to see my son. On October the 3rd my Ex and I with our legal teams will be back in court and on top of doing everything correct and above board, finding a place to live, sorting out debt, (hopefully) having a job I can now add that I pay CSA on time and the correct amount each and every month. The things in my favour now must be close to the top of where I can get them however I will strive to pile it higher until I can physically do no more.

So that was a little snap shot of what is going on with me right now. So I leave you now with the knowledge that I can only see a slit of the screen as I am grinning far too much to use the computer properly (My excuse if there are spelling mistakes lol)