lies 2Hey ho everyone, so not been around since I have not really had anything to write about or actually more to the point, I have had ideas but at 3am then forget about them in the morning. So here is my thoughts on jobs I’ve had.

Sat here this morning with a coffee and 3 weetabix, I’m a big boy now. I am jigging around my CV and re-uploading it to all the job sites, as I am re-witting my CV and remembering all the jobs I have had from the CV and those jobs that are not on the CV’s, you know the ones, the ones you walk in on day two and go, “Fuck no” I came to realise that every single last job I have had, no matter how long it has lasted has basically involved lying to people on a daily basis!  I scanned through my brain again, selecting every job I can remember and wrote them down, this is what I came up with.

lies1Blue chip gas company – Would take phone calls from people that had a faulty boiler and book them a repair. Would regularly have to lie to say that the engineer was on his way, NO idea if he was or was not. Many of them didn’t answer their phones and although many people are told they a traceable, lies again. Which then leads me on to the times when you do get hold of the engineer and for whatever reason he/she is not going to that address, do you tell the customer the truth, HELL NO, saying that you physically don’t know why it’s not gone through the system when it shows it has is apparently the last thing you should do, best to keep it as complicated as possible so the customer has little to no chance of keeping up with your utter made up, on the spot bullshit.

Shop assistant – You know there are no size 15 shoes as you don’t stock them but because you don’t like the way the customer asked, the way they look or just want a sneaky chat out back, you go and have a “look” anyway. Also the good old, “There should be a delivery of those tomorrow”, LIES. The overall manager of the store does not know what items will be in stock and when, the big trucks arrive several times a day and get put into storage, to be honest customer, it could have just arrived and be hidden behind 20 other pallets of stuff (I have no way to check other than to pull them all out, not happening) or it might never come back in, I sure as hell don’t know but I’ll smile and say, “Try back tomorrow”, basically you’ll pick a day you’re not working that week.

Working with food – For a start not saying “This is a place that sells dead animals in buns around the world but you still ask for the vegetarian option, are you seriously in need of help?” is probably something I should not say so I lied and said that there might be other options in the future. Maybe let that one slide.
lies 3Customer asks if the item has an ingredient in it, do you check, well yes as there are nutrition and ingredient sheets that you can refer to, right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa nope. Just cause the law says there has to be and that they should be easily accessible to the customer you’ll be hard pressed to find one, so lies again. “No it does not contain xyz” you’re pretty sure and anyway if the guy dies your boss told you to say it, COOOOVVVEEERRD.

This goes on and on and on from everything I have done. Are we so afraid that simply saying, “I don’t know” is somehow bad. You don’t know, you’ll never know, in many cases there is no need or way for you or anyone else that you can contact to know the answer for the customer, so say that. Lies have become just part of everyday life, they are in every customer to business phone call you ever make they are at the restaurant when you ask, “I know it says these sides are not changeable but can I change them and still stay in the deal?”  NO, the answer is NO! Why walk past the other table of people waiting and pretend to ask the chef then come back with, “I’m sorry the CHEF said no can do!!!” Stop wasting my time.

lies4I understand computers do everything now and I understand that I’ll order something and the person I talked to did everything fine but the computer just decided that my order was the one order that it was not going to process properly, so just say, “It’s not going to be with you today, Phill, would you like me to re-order it?”  Offer me my delivery charge back and put it special delivery or offer to send it to a works address etc, DO NOT look at the screen in silence where it has a huge “Not a chance in hell today chap”,  written across the screen and say, “The computer says it’s out for delivery” and waste my sodding day.

We now live in a world that reads and clicks on such bullshit as, “You’ll never guess what happened to these 25 people when they met a ghost” and that still inexplicably read newspapers and take what they write as truth, even though it has been proven time and time again that news agencies get the truth printed about as many times as the weatherman gets it correct, and where every person seems so concerned about saying NO or saying “It’s not coming, we don’t have it, I don’t know” it drives me crazy. Some call it giving people hope, softening the blow. WHY? If your new TV that you’ve been waiting in for is not going to come today tell them, if they cancel the order because of that then so be it, it’s a consumers rights, and not your problem. Part of you company fucked up, admit it, maybe consumers would trust in corporations if their staff where not actively told to lie to customers on a daily basis which from my experience you are told to do every day.

Rant over guys.

See you next time 🙂


helpI have come to the conclusion that I am not doing great. I live in a town which likes to call itself a city, it’s what I imaging Gotham City would be like if real, but on a smaller scale. It’s streets are strewn with rubbish, the drug dealers deal out of houses day and night right around the corner from a Police station. Most of the people that live here seem to be connected with the drugs, selling or buying however as always there are always those that brighten the place up, good people that also don’t deserve to be in a place like this and as much as this sound snobbish, I don’t don’t deserve this either.

So now comes on to the real problem. I’am a shadow of my former self, I am isolated, desperate and realising that I am actually damned if I am going to let this go on any more, now the problem with this is that I have nothing, I strive to live and that’s it. No frills living is no life at all. I eat the same meal almost every day, I see only these four walls and my computer with rejection after rejection emails from jobs saying, thanks but no thanks, I mean, you don’t even have a phone! A sad fact that I don’t, I am in such a rut that it’s now impossible for me to make any headway and that is where I have finally realised that I need help, help before a doctor sees me and puts me on some medication to “make me feel better” which I have already said no to. I don’t do tablets and I down right refuse to take tablets for something caused by my current living situation, from the non stop cars pulling up for next doors deals on small plastic bags filled with god knows what, to the shouting of the drudged and drunk idiots that adorn my street from 11am until 5am, believe me, I know, I’m usually awake, or have been woken up every 30 mins or so, every night, almost every day for what seems like a lifetime.

So I tried to do something about it, I got the job, I paid off all but one credit card, I worked hard I……………. didn’t get selected to become a full time member of the team as the job was temp, so I hustled down and got another job, hated it even more, call centre work, basically working for the devil, soul destroying as it is and when that ended I did it again, however I never managed to make the temp jobs work for me as I was always on the back foot, always had something else to pay for and when I had almost climbed that mountain, when I could see the potential to put a plan into place to move out of these four walls and back home, back to where I know people care for me, back to where I can get back on my feet, get a decent nights sleep, eat more than one meal a day and feel happy again it all came crumbling down and I woudl start again, and again, and again and each time it would be for less hours, or for a shorter time and each time I lost a little more ground. Then the tablet was sold, the TV, the phone the holes appeared in my shoes and I still wear them, I have no choice, I eat and pay rent or I get new shoes.

So the cycle continues and I can’t do it any more, I have nothing left to give either metaphorically or in actual assets to sell. I stand here at the precipice looking up, but there is no end, there is no top, even if I could scale this rock face all over again, where would it get me? So I have to do more drastic measures so I set up a plea for help, embarrassingly putting me into a position of begging others to help me out financially. I have used to set up a plea to everyone and anyone to help me get the spring board I need to get out of this situation. I don’t expect this to be easy and moving back home will not fix all of the problems but that’s where my support structure is, where I can get help and where I belong.

If you would like to help out or would simply be kind as to share this link: it would be massively appreciated. Now I set the limit high so……….actually not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one. I have never done this before.

Thank for reading this, well plea for help more than anything. Thanks for reading.

hate_you_allSo this is a rather strange subject to come back in on, however it been something that has been annoying me for sometime now, also increases more over time.

Now I am fully aware that this may sound like a rant of an old man, devoid of all love and life and of a person that hates other peoples happiness. Nothing could be further from the truth, I still watch those kittens/puppy videos and pretend I have something in my eyes, even though I am the only one in the room, I still genuinely give birthday wishes and congratulations to achievements earned and really do smile from ear to ear like a floating invisible cat.

To be a little more precise I just hate this way that humans are kind, clever, smart, learning machines full of so much hope and joy, so much faith and promise but seem to throw that all away at the drop of a hat. Throw it away not over something important but at a comment made on a video, a dismissive jest made on Facebook and as I read more and more of these pointless, soul destroying, humanity killing arguments I wonder where our species is going, it cannot be to that science fiction utopia that has been drawn, written about and depicted in so many films and games. Well it won’t be when one cannot even state that they like jam more than marmalade and receive death threats for it.

someone_is_wrong_on_the_internet1246485981Every single damn thing in this virtual world now seems to be so angry, so confrontational, so utterly devoid of any and all emotions apart from hate. For gods sake I read a comment the other day about how a woman should be shot! Yes SHOT because she was singing to a song they didn’t like. When was this ok? When did people pretend SO hard not to care about anything in the world what so ever? I mean we all feint a comic nonchalant stance now and again but this seems to be more than that, it seems to be hatred at a level that is just accepted. It’s now something that is part of life, I know I now deliberately avoid 99% of things that are written in comments as to not see the vile, incomprehensibly evil and cowardly writings that many think are just part and parcel of being alive at this time in our “evolution”.

With teenagers now being arrested and spending time in jail because of stalking people on-line and SWATTING them, oh and if you don’t know what swatting is, it’s telling the police that someone has killed, are going to kill or are at least armed and the swat team, or your countries equivalent will obviously enter your house with extreme prejudice, usually while people are streaming their games on a service like Twitch just for kicks. FUCK, come on, really can I be the only one that thinks that this is going a little far?! I find it hard to believe that in a world so full of people that all I can find on the internet is hatred towards other people and for what? So that your point of view can then be picked apart and so that you can have an argument with another person?

Is there a secret sociaty and life achievments to get as many people to hate you as possible? To get more than 5 people upset with you, to maybe try and be racist, sexist and make someone consider ending their life because of your constant on line bulling all in one week? I could at least understand the human need to complete things and to challenge themselves if that was the case, alas I very much doubt it. I fond myself writting this little rant and sighing to myself, feeling very low about the state of peoples minds these days and wondering if maybe things were always like this and it’s just me getting older and noticing it, or, and I think this is far more likely, people seem to think that the internet is anonymous and they won’t get found out.

Either way what do you think? Is it just me getting older or are things really getting out of hand?

Oh and since this is a very sad rant about sad sad things here is a happy happy picture 🙂


Hey guys and girls, a slight rant or waffle if you will.

I start my days waking up and eating breakfast, showering and brushing my teeth, grooming and putting on products to make me smell nice, get dressed and then that is where your day and mine split. You go to work, I sit at home and switch on the computer. I load up the 15 or so sites for job hunting and I think of new and interesting ways to fill in application forms.

This is my second month of doing this now and I can honestly say that I have come very close to being homeless as I have accidentally spent more money on travel that I was meant to, that is if I have any money in the first place for travel. “Ummm the job center pay for travel you dickhead!” – Thank you random person that will no doubt not read my whole post but comment anyway. Yes they will pay for it, unless you cannot provide proof, or they don’t feel like it or they are having a bad day or they don’t remember to put it through the damn system. To put this into context I have the following make up this month;

£30 over draft, £25 phone bill, £323 rent.

Incoming is £134 twice in a month and £158 once.

dolestreet_1713190cSo take away that from that and you get £49. I have also rounded things up to make it easier. Now £49 for a month of food, toiletries, travel, any new items I should require, for instance new shoes for interviews, shirts, ties, you get the idea. In a world where a loaf of bread can be over £1 to buy I find myself on a diet primarily made up of pasta and something tinned, a diet that makes my body feel lack luster and dull. A body need fresh fruit and veg to function at it’s highest and it is RIGHT NOW I need to be on my “A” game. I’m all up for reducing money from not working, think it’s a good idea but they need to balance it a little. The money situation is now hindering me finding work, which in turn will probably mean I have to sponge off the state for longer, so the reduction in out of work income, in my instance, is useless as I will be taking from the state about as much as I would have been before the changes but now just over a longer time.

There are 100 jobs and 1000 people for each one looking down this way at the moment. Not so much Cardiff but Newport and Bridgend are both doing badly and they are either side of Cardiff and the competition is eminence. Cardiff is become saturated as is Bristol. I am having to look further a field to find work, which is fine, however when you consider that the closest city to me is Cardiff and is around a 8-15 mins train ride away and costs around £6 to get to and back from every single time I want to go there, it kinda makes a longer trip to a further away location either impossible or a toss up between food buying and an interview.

Ok. I get that “As of Q1 2013 UK government debt amounted to £1,377 billion, or 88.1% of total GDP” and that is bad. But you can’t make money, or in this instance get people back to work by simply making people poor. It makes it harder.Nillionaire someone having little to no money

Plus they made the changes for money in one go. so instead of gradually doing it over a year or 6 months so people flowed into work, they said HEY, 3 million people you won’t have enough money to live on unless you find work from……..

NOW GO GO GO. What the fuck did they expect?

My final ranty bit has to do with an E-mail I got yesterday from Mc Donalds. It was an email saying that I was unsuccessful in my attempt to work at one of their stores. I have a feeling it is to do with my age as the application form is not particularly taxing, with multi-choice answers for questions being presented, most of which are something along the lines of;

If an employee said something that offended you, would you, A) Beat the shit out of them. B) Put their face in the fry station or C) try and talk to them or your manager and see if something can be sorted out.

I feel that being in my 30’s now and looking for any type of job does have it’s downsides. I have traveled the world with the British Armed Forces, I’ve been back packing across Europe I’ve lived in Paris, I’ve been called all the names under the sun and I have made my mistakes. So as an employer you can expect someone of my age and up to call bullshit out. If something is wrong we will bring it up, bring it up in a polite and proper way, be that going to the manager to tell them of a leak or asking someone not to repeat something again as it is not appropriate for work etc etc. There lies the problem, they don’t want that, managers don’t want more work, they would rather employ an 18 year old who knows nothing of their rights, nothing of what is really right and wrong and will simply walk away if fired for no reason. I and many others of my “age bracket” and above simply could not and would not tolerate that.

6-things-to-consider-when-you-have-to-cut-back120412_0So to sumerise I feel that I am being put into a tared group of people that does not want to work, I want to work and I actively do everything in my power to do so, but in reality I have to pick and choose which interviews I go to some days, or ring them up and try and change the date and time to a day I am already in that city, mostly this results in me no longer being offered the interview as I am already kicking up a fuss about something that should be easy to do, a view that is sensible and reasonable but yet is something that is sometimes out of my reach to accomplish. Why employ someone when they can’t even travel 15 mins down the road on a given day? Will that person even be able to make it to work for the first month of employment? How reliable is this person if he/she cannot even commit to a simple interview without wanting to change the date and/or time.

I fully expect to not have that bottle of wine in the fridge, to eat cheaper food and to commit my days to filling in forms but when the current infrastructure put in place by the government hinders that, I can only see a prolonged usage of benefits. This money could well be spent on other things in our country, if not in employment or growth but in education, the NHS, maybe even employing someone with the balls to tell the US, “You know what? we are not joining you in this war, costs too much for no return”.

Anyway rant over of a very annoyed and increasingly stressed Phil.


DeletedHello one and all.

Yes, yes please do not remind me that I promised to myself and everyone that does read this that I would update this weekly, I have no excuses apart from pure laziness and bad time/life management.

So the topic of today’s update is my horror at losing a job opportunity because of Facebook, or more precisely the pictures and comments on my Facebook account.

So I had to leave my last job with CEX as they run a 6.5% rota based on what was made in the previous 4 weeks takings. Now this is an average, so you CAN spend 25% of all takings on week one but by week four the average spend across the 4 weeks has to be 6.5% of taking spent on staff. This poses a problem if the store is not doing so well one month as the hours available are limited and this resulted in me not actually earning enough money to pay rent, and as much as it pains me to say this, I was actually better off on benefits for the time being.  A pathetic omission and a pathetic truth of a person living in a first world country having to do this to survive, sad times indeed, however I digress.

Job Interview DateSo I had several interviews for a claims handler with Admiral. The job was office based, going through case files and working out liability on car crashes. I presented well enough on the application and hour long phone interview to be selected on the final stage of the interview process, a trip to Cardiff to their offices and a one to one meeting with the managers. This interview also seemed to go well too. Then Facebook happened…..

I received an e-mail informing me that I was unsuccessful in my attempt and to thank me for my time etc etc. A very nice touch that although automated, is something that very few companies seem to do these days and I was very appreciative to have this sent through. Within this E-mail was a number to call to get feedback, now as a huge supporter of feedback I gave them a call and had a little chat. As I thought I did rather well in the interview but I repeated a few things to answer questions however they said that was not the reason for not being able to continue with the process, when I asked what it was they stated that as part of the hiring stage they look for online activity and that unfortunately my Facebook account was not up to scratch.

Now I was taken back by this, I mean it is my personal account, my digital life. I tried to explain that a picture of me drunk is what goes on to Facebook, the million snapshots throughout someones life of them simply getting on with washing, chatting on the phone sleeping, walking to the shops and buying bread is not what makes an entertaining picture, I mean who wants to see that? However they stated that because of those pictures I was portrayed as someone whom would not fit the the high standards of the company. Again I tried to argue my case that in actual fact I was tagged in a total of 74 pictures from 5 friends, all from one night out, not as it seemed 74 times drunk or even 5 times drunk, just that everyone has a smart phone these days and they snap, making it look like a person does something more than they do, explaining that I had not actually even been “out” for almost a year before these pictures were taken. Sadly their minds had been made up by this point, I thanked them for their time and ended the call.

14 days“So what to do now?” I thought to myself. Well deleting Facebook had to be done. I had posted that I would delete it 2 weeks previously but had been talked out of it, but this time there was no warning, I searched the internet for how to permanently delete Facebook and found the link to do so, in the cheek of it all Facebook requires 14 days of no activity to delete an account. I feel that as so many things are connected to Facebook, this blog posting included, that I could easily stop that process by simply accidentally pressing a button on my phone or other account with a Facebook linked account on it, a sneaky move indeed. I have now set about making sure this does not happen as I am now more determined to get rid of this plague once and for all.

This has me so upset rather than angry, I hate that we now live in a world where this can happen, that I can be misrepresented by my friends, not that it is their fault you understand, no they saw me dancing badly, drunk and took a pic. If anything I could argue that most of the pictures are not flattering to either my dancing ability or my poddgy belly but past that I can’t blame them.

So I sit here, typing away and ranting as I simply don’t know where to go from here. It was a good job, with good pay. It was something I really did need, something I wanted to do and I job I could see myself being promoted in, earning decent money and thriving in. Sadly that is not the case and although after the phone call I simply stared at the wall for almost 2 hours feeling utterly terrible with life, I have to pull myself together, I have no other choice. I owe so much money now and it’s not something that will go away easily. So onward I fight, onward I push and I guess I jump into one of those, “Take a million phone calls a day” kinda jobs and head down, try not to look to miserable with it and sort this mess out.

Anyway that cannot be the ending as it is far to glum, and I’m not glum, I’m chubby, arrogant and I voice my opinions but I am not as depressed as this post may come across. I will continue to fight and to try hard, continue to push and continue to write on here as this has been very helpful tonight in releasing some of headache and stress into writing.

So what do you think? Should employers be able to deny you a job because of Facebook, should they be able to advise you to not write something on social media? Is it right or is it wrong, or is it a case that I should have set my FB to private?

What do you think?

1347326484043_2349781Welcome to my little ranty world. Today’s subject is a little education for when you have been let down by a company or feel you are entitled to more, or are simply being an asshole for no reason and think it is ok to take it out on a companies staff…….

Well are you wrong!

Now I have been and still am working in inside a call centre, taking calls for a multi national company that in the UK produces and supplies energy and covers peoples boilers, plumbing and drains, electrical wiring, central heating systems and also emergency service cover as standard.

9781137293251_largeNow it does not matter what industry you work in, you will not get any bloody where by being a complete twat!  You know why you’re so angry all the time? Why you feel so disappointed by company after company and why no one seems to understand your poor little life? I’ll tell you why…. because you piss off every last person you talk to in business, from the poor little waitress that you shout at because there is no spoon for your coffee, to the flight attendant you ridicule because they forgot your pillow.  Your reactions, your attitude is the reason they forgot to give you the service others get, your stinking, shitty attitude is the reason why you won’t get the compensation you are so sure you’re  owed! Your attitude is why the customer service agent does not seem to give a shit about you, your reactions and your actions are the reason why we simply don’t care as much about you as the polite people.  It’s rather simple, so why can you not grasp such a simple concept?


Oh, and get me the boss, WHY? Is the boss going to bring his master computer over and make your life a better place? Has he/she instructed me to tell you lies until you pass all my well hidden tests and then you’re allowed to the special slots now made available by the bosses computer.  It’s a gold laptop that links directly with god to deliver you with the best service possible, oh, yes the boss can call upon the the Fucking Avengers and bring you the service you require right this minute rather than the tomorrow appointment I have already given you!

BOSSES KNOW LESS ABOUT THE SYSTEMS THAN THE AGENT DOES! Trust me ALL the boss is there to do is bug the agent about ACW (After call work) time, sort out problems with pay, book our holiday and tell us the sales targets went up another 2%. THAT’S IT.

“I know the CEO of [for arguments sake] Sony, see what he/she has to say”

Oh really mister customer, REALLY?!  So your download is not working and you will pick up the phone to the CEO, a person probably over the other side of the world, possibly speaking to world leaders, possibly in a meeting to secure a multi billion pound deal with several countries, and THEY ARE GOING TO STEP OUT TO MAKE SURE YOUR PESKY LITTLE PROBLEM IS SORTED? Good luck with that.  How can you be that thick? How has your life continued to be with a mind so dull?

Don’t even get me started on you morons that state you’re going to the press…. please, be my guest. Oh before you do, that welcome pack with all the T&C in, the one you ASSURED us you had read by agreeing to {insert product here}, yeah, perhaps you want to read it!  You know that there are editors for a reason, right?! You honestly think we are that thick that throwing out a newspapers name or dropping in that you work for the BBC is anyway shape or form going to help you when I have already told you 4 different ways that the next appointment is MONDAY!

“It’s retired Major Jenkins actually”

i_have_a_phd_in_horribleness_-_dr_horrible_vinyl_decal_9ecd4a17Fuck off! Your name is Mr Jenkins, you’re retired now, you hold the rank of ‘Get in line and wait with the rest of the population’.  That also goes for you DR Whatever s out there……… Why the hell would you think I would give a flying that you’re a doctor. Plus you know I have no idea of what you’re actually a doctor of, right? This show of bullshit only reinforces the belief that you’re a complete cock.

Plus if you really want to piss ME off why not just lie, what not tell me THAT YOUR CHILD IS AT RISK only for me to check up the next day and find the engineer got there, found NO CHILD, NO ELDERLY, NO ONE VULNERABLE at all, told you that you were scum (wishful thinking), turned off the water supply/gas supply to make it safe then left you in the shitty position that you deserve while they went off to an actual emergency down the road with a real 2 day old kid without heating, you rotten, scummy, worthless human beings!

The people I speak of above just a few in the vast majority of people that are polite, reasonable and kind, and for that I am hugely grateful. Always remember that the services person, man, woman transsexual, gay, straight, black, white, purple with yellow dots, they are all humans, they are all trying their best.  Now if you are the angry type let it be known that all of us polite folk have a far better life, we are generally treated as we treat others, so please continue to wail, to moan, to frail your arms in the air and shout, so that all can hear, please continue your shitty ways and enjoy your food with spit in, enjoy your pillow that been wiped on a dogs arse, enjoy your second class experiences and enjoy missing out on all the extras the polite, decent and happy people enjoy. By simply rising an issue in a calm, polite manner you will always get a better


So I find myself here writing again in the very few hours of free time I get at the moment, and there is so much I wanted to write about however it has dawned on me that all games I have recently played are old and have been reviewed, all films I have seen will have been reviewed to death and the whole PS4 or XBOX One debate rages on from dawn until dusk right around the globe.

So since I would like to write about things but want to also cram in so much I think I’ll just touch on everything I have played and watched in the next few posts but just give a straight to the point, no babbling opinion rather than a review, first a few good bits, few bad in a sentence and leave it as that. Think of it as reviews for the TL:DR group 🙂

So here we go.

Monsters University 

muWell it is not proper animation unless it is Pixar animations in my book and MU was no exception. The detail is divine and the  starting short almost had me in tears. The story is well put together and told, characters are loveable and well thought out.  It is arguably not as funny as the previous film however me and my girlfriend enjoyed it so much that we actually found ourselves shouting out at the film at one point.

Little kids or big ones like me? Go see it. It’s not going to write the way we tell stories but what it sets out to do it does very well. Highly recommend.



Pacific Rim

pacific rimOH Jesus H! What a film. I thought it was amazing, basically because it is a no bullshit film. No pretence that it is anything but a mad CGI filled monster mash. That is the films biggest feature! The sheer cheekiness to throw almost all twist, arching story or any “Oh but it will make it sell” bull shit into the film is an ingenious twist all on its own.  Too many times have I gone to see a film that I need around 4 brain cells to watch, in the hope it will be Pacific Rim and too many times it has trudged through story I don’t give a shit about.

For a day when you just want to watch a ridiculous film with huge set pieces  , go see this, near flawless because it does exactly what it says on the tin.



This is the End

thisisendA good take on a tried and tested formula from the past. Get a bunch of famous people, put them into a stupidly over the top Scenario  and make them funny.  It is clever at parts, it is daft in others however it goes together well. With a few off bits now and again this is still a solid film and I found myself laughing out loud on more than a few occasions on this film.  If sophisticated humour, class and decency is what you’re looking for then stay well away from this one, if the opposite applies to you then go see it now.





Despicable Me 2

disp2An adorable film that is very good to watch. I would not say it is actually that funny but then again I was a little tired when I went to see it. The film does not really link to the first at all, or at least not in may way and I feel this could put some off. Never the less it was an enjoyable film that did make me giggle all the way through. Plus who can’t resist the little minions and their cheeky ways.





The Internship 

intershipThis is again is not a film that is going to blow you away. I found its silly houmor good at times however I felt the pacing of the film was just a little slow. I didn’t get bored but felt that at times more could be going on in the film to liven it up just a tad more. Altogether though it is well written and has some very nice touches. It will become apparent that Google paid for 95% of this film by minute 11 of the film however, very heavily advertised throughout, even though the placement in the film is at Google it did see at times if I was being punched in the face with a Google logo.




Now You See Me

nowyouseemeDidn’t know what to make of this film at first and was umm’ing and errr’ing over seeing it. Sat down with am instant scepticism for it and it turned me around. I would love to see this film again with a far more open mind. See if I cannot full give it the go that this film deserves.  The film is clever and intriguing, it draws you in and leaves you wondering how it could be done, just like magic shows themselves. It’s very well put together and expertly told. This film is different, its fresh and I really really enjoyed it.

Give t a go. give it a chance, I don’t think it will disappoint.





croodsI forgot to mention this before in anything else I have written but it is defiantly worth a mention. It is beautifully made, the visually stunning and the story is quite good. The main reason why I put this up here is simply the fact that not since UP have I cared for an animated character/s so much. I really felt there was peril, love, danger and loss in this film and for an animated film to do that, well it is simply amazing.

Go see it and see if you can stop from gasping or shouting out at the screen 🙂




Well that kind of concludes my little blog today.  I hope you have enjoyed the simplistic review format and non rant like comments. Tell me if you like things this way or would rather full-blown spoiler ridden rants of a review.